Products & Services

OM RUDRAY ENTERPRISES PVT LTD. is unique in many areas in respect to providing facilities of valuable services to the customers.

Our products are listed below.

1 ) Equity Broking.

2 ) Commodities Broking.

3 ) Value added service.

 Equity market prediction and stock choice education to customers.

--> How to choose stocks.

--> Technical analysis of stocks.

--> Technical analysis of index.

4 )  Value added service.

 Commodities market prediction and commodity trading education to customers.

--> How to choose good commodity for trading.  

--> Technical analysis of commodity.

5 ) Technical analysis training.

--> Basic technical analysis with indicators and advanced trading strategy build up.

--> W.D.Gann method.

--> Elliott wave method.

6 ) Stock and Commodities market awareness seminars.

We conduct awareness seminars in Gujarat and whole India.

For more details of our products please contact us.

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Equity Market Awareness Program 17-12-2017


I am very thankful for Om Rudray and very easy with market with Om Rudray. When I am disturb from ma...
Amit S Parekh (18-10-2017)
Hi, just to let you know that I'm well pleased with your service! You are doing a great job and I am...
Hiten Jadeja (27-11-2009)
Unbelievably accurate. They call all types of market action, like retracements, consolidation, botto...
Kartik (14-02-2017)
Your system is extremely unique and straight forward. I have used charts and other technical indicat...
Khush Mishra (09-12-2017)
As someone new to the commodities market I am finding the Om Rudray Enterprise as an extremely valua...
Gurtej Singh (27-09-2016)