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"New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become."
Under the roof Om Rudray Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.  we will provide the strategic education training programme to newly introduce client and also psychological training programme to boost their own trading ability.

General Awareness :
Adherence is sincerely recommended to trade & achieve gains in these Speculative Trade Markets
Do not trade with hesitance, half heartedly or in over confidence. You can loose a lot of money if you are  scared of the markets or even if you are overtly brave & foolhardlly.
Be patient when trades are moving in the right direction to extract maximum gains & ensure the gains by improvising the stop loss level, time & again. Here do not be pessimistic.
Do not be over optimistic when trades have hit the stop loss level & make sure you exit there. You may loose better & multiple opportunities due to being stuck in deals gone wrong leading to higher & higher losses each day.
Do not discuss your open positions with one & all. This will lead you nowhere & confuse you more as all would air their own views on them & many a times make your trade decisions seem foolishly & hastily taken. If only you would have consulted them earlier...
Realize that you are in a bad situation & exit fast when you need to pray for relief at each rise or fall in a trade which is leading you to heavier losses.
Follow ONLY one guideline at a time as more guidelines will again create a lot of confusion. You can opt for or look out for an alternate guidance when the earlier guideline proves to be less productive or loss making, but not simultaneously.
Be honest to yourself as hoping or praying for something different than the actual reality or situation is nothing less than fooling own self.
There is NOTHING such as HUGE, mind blowing & sky high profit makings overnight. YES, there are sizeable gains & high returns for a disciplined trader & exactly the opposite, if not worse for the non-disciplined. Do not enter this trade market under any illusions of getting to be a Billionaire overnight. It will never happen. In fact you may loose all that you now possess.
DO NOT BORROW or trade with funds that are not yours or pump in more funds by borrowing to hold on to loss making trades. Trade only with own funds that are spare able & be prepared to loose even that in totality in the worst case.
Never trade or enter / exit positions in panic. Volatility is a non-separable component of this trade & will be present most of the time.
Do not be a party to rumors or be guided or misled by these.
Stay away from the people who have a habit of saying “ I had told you – See now?”. These are the very same people who would never put anything on paper or trade on their own views- with own funds as in reality they do not have any concrete views – they are only sponges who keep soaking or gathering tidbits of information from anywhere available, irrespective of their reliability, put all together & spread the newly formed news. If what they say goes wrong, they would disappear & would be seen nowhere or if found, might now have some stronger views & reasons for why the wrong happened as generally these kind of people are very good convincers. Listening to these characters & their views is very dangerous as the wise always said: – “Half knowledge is always the most dangerous”, “Ignorance is Bliss” & “Blessed are the fully knowledgeable”.
DO NOT TRY to be the TREND SETTER or the first one to know where a particular trade will turn from. No one can possibly be, except by chance, the best seller or the best buyer – so why try it? You might end up loosing a lot of money & also becoming the laughing stock for all. Follow the trend & make respectable gains.
Do not enter the Commodities Markets with Stock Market trading ideas. Though both are speculative trade markets, there is a substantial difference in both & generally have opposite trading patterns & thumb rules.
Always remember –“You cannot use yesterday’s ideas for today’s business & expect to be in business tomorrow”. Be ready to accept & implement change immediately & constantly as “Change” is the only factor that’s constant in the world – everything else keeps changing & its meaning is all the more true in these highly volatile & ever changing market scenarios.

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